Naijaidea 01:21:21 Promo

Naijaidea 01:21:21 Promo

Naijaidea 01:21:21 Promo

In the spirit of being grateful, Naijaidea will be supporting young people around the world in promoting their business ideas, brand and uploading their music for free.

Naijaidea will be supporting 21 young entrepreneurs to advertise their brand/product to the world for free for 21 days

Naijaidea will be supporting young music act around the world to upload their music/videos for free this is to support most of the young act which doesn’t have exposure to the cyber world or lack funds to upload their song to a music promotion site like Naijaidea.


Terms & Conditions Applies for 21 Music uploads:

  • All Music artist are to send their music only to Naijaidea official Email address: –
  • Note: Any music send to the official WhatsApp for free upload will not be attend to.
  • Music will be review before uploading
  • Any music without good production will not be upload to the site
  • 21 songs will be pick randomly.
  • Music not up to the standard of the Review team will not be upload also.
  • Good Graphic design for the Music Art cover.
  • Music send to the mail after the deadline will not be uploaded for free, only if payment were made to promote the music.
  • Artist are to start sending their music from this moment. Any song not sent before 21:00pm on the 21st of January will not be uploaded
  • No fee is expected to be pay to any of the Naijaidea Team during this Promo.
  • After the promo No free Music/work will be attended to

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