E-News: 5 Tips Nigeria Upcoming Artist should know

E-News: 5 Tips Nigeria Upcoming Artist should know


If You Requisite to be a Topmost Artist in Nigeria Music industry today! They say music heal the soul, nevertheless nothing leads faster to depression than bad music. Just because you want to avoid the adversity in the nation, you then economize your studio money, then you are adding to the list of quacked songs in the country.

The tips below should help in making you making you successful in the music industry in Nigeria music industry.


In Nigerian Music industry, Record hit songs. Every person knows the type of songs that sell and turns favorite in Nigeria. Overlook about doing classical, blues or any different genre of music not breaking into the music industry in Nigeria, opt-in for hip hop, afro beats, etc. that’s what Nigerian music is all about. And in basis you haven’t discovered, Nigerians loves to dance and pat their feet to any music with moving beats. Hence develop yourself in that part, each time make sure your songs are danceable. Be certain you are on the right path. Having indecent/decent and attractive lyrics is an advantageous but that is still appreciated less in evaluation to groovy instrumentals. You might likewise want to carve your lyrics around usual themes such as love/lust, passion, money, party, beef, life story etc.


Most Artistes can’t excel. Trust me!!! Imagine, you saved up so much money so that Rexxie or kelp-vibes  can produced your Song, after attaining that, you can’t level up to get your Music to the World using Blogs and Radio. My Friend, you go waste money tire, keep saving those songs that can transform your Life on your phone and keep sharing it with Bluetooth while (Naijaidea Media) www.naijaidea.com.ng can share it over Nigerians all over the world in a week. Don’t be stingy to yourself, support your career.

  • EASE

Don’t Be over Serious we know you want to be celebrated seriously, we recognize that in some way, you are now seeing music as a leakage from your difficulty. But please don’t be too serious once you are in the studio. Ease, a hit does not originate in through part of your seriousness, go and ask Zlatan, Naira Marley, Mr Real, Slimcase, Danny S, why gathering names. Go and ask them all, all those that have made hit song, and they will endorse this my petite secret. Ease champion and do your thing. If a song like “Am I a yahoo boy” can become widespread, who says you can’t make your own hit song.


Upcoming without money or assets to move himself up to maintain his individual record label. Please put a stop to all your personal label, let somebody who love you, take upkeep of you and stop frightening investors away with one sham label which doesn’t have any importance. It was after olamide step up that he formed his own label similar to many artiste so please be focus and release good music even if it’s once-a-month or weekly provisional on your funds, protect your name somewhere and you will be exceptional and that is what people are considering.


I have certainly not seen an artiste that pray on stage before his performance some will say they pray from home yes I concur, what of those footballers? They don’t use to pray from home right? Praying on stage can be your own tag but just pray and Almighty God will certainly help you.


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